Vancastia was a faction. Cities it once owned included Port Raider, Vancast, and New Vancast. It was disbanded in June 2016 by Yara12, and what remained of the faction became the Republic Of Xavia.

History Edit

Vancastia was founded by TERMINATORX03, also known as Vancaster, as the Vancastian Raiders. It was initially created as a pirate faction who lived in a city called Vancast. The leaders at this time were Vancaster and Ninjawarrior000.

Rather early on, Vancastia gained an enemy in the form of the Serene Republic of Elyra (SRE). Vancastia allied with Diveria against the SRE, resulting in a war in which Port Raider was attacked several times. It was eventually bombed into nonexistence along with Vancast near the end of the war.

Vancaster temporarily resigned his position as leader, making Engineer a4bde the the temp leader instead. Vancastian refugees stayed a while at Sottone, and then set out to perform the task of building a new city. The result was New Vancast, a floating wooden city in the very outer reaches of the World Map. The city was owned by Vancaster and was maintained by a4bde, SwimmerB, and 1buglet.

At around this time, many in the faction began to push for democracy. Elections were held, and Supersquids12 was declared President of Vancastia. Under his rule, Vancastia gained the support of the Royal Navy, and built up their new city of New Vancast.