The city of Waulroth was the first and last (According to Morton) of the flying cities.

The Journey Of Waulroth Edit

Originally Waulroth was a city of the Iron Wolves built at the coords of 10,000 10,000 however as tensions escalated Waulroth quit the Iron Wolves.

Then to escape the attacks and blockade that the Iron Wolves were committing, the Lord of Waulroth (Then super_enderman_3) made a heroic act, he made Waulroth the first mobile city and joined the Tackt State.

He then flew Waulroth 18,000 blocks, past the Iron Wolves blockade.

The journey took almost exactly 4 hours to complete and when it was finished Waulroth had moved to Tackt Territory.

Then the Honorarium of Lord of the Skies and Lord of all Aerocivitates was bestowed upon him for his courageous act and persistent pushing of the boundaries of technology.

Politics: Edit

Waulroth has always been an independent city, so therefore it has created its own ranks:

Here were the original:

Ranks in order of power (least to greatest) -Trainee (after this splits into four groups; the merchants, the engineers, the diplomats and the convoy protectors)


-Professional Merchant


-Chief Engineer


-Head Diplomat

-Convoy Protector

-Elite Convoy Protector

(The four groups are all on equal ground)

Guildmasters (Dukes)

Lord Of Waulroth

Then after Waulroth turned into a city of the Tackt State the ranks turned into:

Ranks, In order from Least to greatest

Airman (Air)- New Recruit

Aerocivilis (Aero) - Regular Member

Sky - Trusted

Guildmaster (Guild) - High Officers

Lord of the Skies (SkyLord) - Leader