The Republic of Aveline was founded by DylanSenpai, the Nation's first Chancellor. It is based on Medieval France, and is intended to be a peaceful nation. Its capital is called Averdeen. Averdeen is the only city as of now that has its origins in the Airship Pirates storyline. Averdeen is the city that the Kingdom of Lanier decimated with the first White Missle.

A Rocky Start Edit

The young republic got off with a rocky start, immediately gaining two enemies: Synderia, and the Serene Republic of Elyra (SRE). Tensions with Synderia led to a war, but there was only one attack. The Avelinians shot down a Synderian merchant vessel, piloted by Dylan1455, Leader of Synderia, leading to Dylan1455 asking the Imperium Argentum to blockade Averdeen, making the Avelinians pay for the damages. High Capal Lati brought ships and fighters to Averdeen, where, they were attacked by the pirate, Walt, using a razor. Eventually, Chancellor DylanSenpai decided to give Synderia the cargo from the ship that was shot down, and some money, and be neutral towards Synderia, who later became allies. The SRE also became allies after a while.

The First Election Edit

In order to be as unbiased as possible about this particular part of the article, I will try my best to express both points of view. I apologize if I do seem biased about this subject because I was involved in it.

Background Information: Edit

A Chancellor serves a 2 month long term in the Republic of Aveline, and when the nation was 2 months old, an election was held. Skunky won the election, and was named the 2nd Chancellor of Aveline. However, the young nation was not ready for change, and chaos ensued, ALMOST resulting in a civil war.

The ACI's Perspective Edit

The ACI, or Aveline Confederacy for Independence was the name of the group that was lead by DylanSenpai, the 1st chancellor. He spoke to the vice-chancellor about certain rumors, and expressed an opinion, leading to his removal from the nation that he had founded. Many were angered by this act. GoldEngineer even threatened to leave the nation(although he couln't because of a month long ban). However, Dylan controlled the airspace of Aveline, and locked out parliament members. He used the land as leverage, even threatening to sell it(although this was an empty threat. He declined all offers to purchase the city).

The Parliament's Perspective Edit

Skunky, the parliament, and their business partner ConceptEagle disagreed with the rumors that Dylan spoke with the vice-chancellor(KnownUnown) about. They wished to stop these rumors from spreading, so they exiled Dylan. Then, Dylan made his threats to sell the city, and the parliament did not know that he was bluffing. They eventually let him back into the nation, in fear of losing the capital.

The Resolution Edit

In the end, Dylan returned to the republic, but left soon afterwards. Skunky left, since he had quit the server. The Vice Chancellor, KnownUknown, was named Chancellor, and peace was restored for about a week. However, the Avelinian population dropped. Refugees of the conflict have been found in many other factions, like Sovereignty, the Imperium Argentum. Then, shortly afterwards, Skunky named GI0K Chancellor and chaos followed.

Chaos Edit

Many people did not agree with Gi0K's new ideas, mainly a new tax he had imposed. He stripped everyone of their ranks, and re-selected officers of parliament. This ensured that only his supporters would have any power. Eventually, the old Parliament, as well as the MAGAA(The original name of the ACI) peacefully revolted against GI0K's reign. GI0K decided to offer the position of leader to KnownUnown, but before KnownUnown could accept, DusNathan was tricked into changing faction permissions that allowed Yara13, Gi0K's sister(although many theorize Yara to be GI0K's alt) to disband the faction.

Recovery and a Second Fall Edit

After reforming, many of Aveline's former members had already left. ArdousAssasin, richcraft13, and swordswinger89 would take the city of Vistarion with them. Eventually, members continued to leave for other factions, many of them joining Atil, and Aveline was disbanded for being too small.

PRA Edit

After the disbanding of Aveline, Atil was formed by DylanSenpai, who also founded Aveline. The majority of the new Atilians were Avelinians, so Atil was renamed as the PRA, or the People's Republic of Aveline.