This is a part of the relocation of Waulroth from the perspective of State Keeper Saulau of Tackt.

It was a sunny day in Collision as I was building on a new appartment building when a city guard brought me a letter. The letter was from a Iron Wolve member going by the name of Ender. He wrote that he and his friend didn't wanted to be with the Iron Wolves any longer and wanted to join the State. While being in the Iron Wolves they built a small flying settlement by the name of Waulroth. By going to the State they wanted to take it with them from the Iron Wolves to continue the development their way.

The State has had some recent trouble with the Iron Wolves Saulau knew from own experience, after that incident they maked it up again but taking a Iron Wolve city under protection would get things on again.

After sleeping a night on it Saulau knew what to do, he called together all men willing and took a carrier to the Southern Argean.

After some time cruising they came close to the Iridium capital of Altrus. As the leader of the Iron Wolves founded this nation and city they were on their guard. The Kindom of Iridium has publicly supported the Iron Wolves and unfortunatly for the State navy Rocrafter was home. After spotted him three older skiffs were launched to slow him down. The skiffs turned out to being not supplied well enough and some of them crashed down because of fuel shortage. The one that did survived managed to hold long enough to let the carrier get to Emerald bay, unfortunately the last skiff was boarded and didn't returned.

At Emerald Bay the men were able to get some older skiffs for a cheap price to temporary replace the old ones. After they landed the skiffs they went further with their mission to Waulroth. They have had a save flight as they as they arrived at Waulroth. They hailed the town and got permission to dock. When they secured the perimiter the leader of Diveria came in by boat, they took him up and went to the town coucil chamber.