Kofearia, officially the Kofearian Federal Republic (kof. Kofeariai Demokrate Federau), is a vast country located in the north-eastern part of the continent. One of the oldest player-founded nations, Kofearia boasts a rich history and high level of development.

Kofearia traces its origins to 12 Nethmon 760 AED, when the city of Lorave formally declared its independence from Destria under the leadership of governor Saulau of Tackt, after a long period of neglect by the central government.

Disillusioned by the situation in his homeland, Saulau handed over leadership of the nacient nation to Block.

Joined by a small group of his most loyal followers, they then set out north onboard the Colonist. After 3 days of travel, the expeditioners reached the Wastelands. The expeditioners settle at one of the numerous mesa rocks in the Mesarauke valley, now known as the Tackt Rock. This marked the beginning of the Tackt Corporation.

Kofearian Territorial Map
(Left: map of Kofearian territory) (Right: Official Kofearian government seal)


Kofearia is divided into 14 provinces, which are: Flavo Valley, Snow Realm, West-Tropicauan, Tropicauan, East-Tropicauan, North-Oranau, Oranau, Kofearian Rocks, Cacturea, Collision, Peem, Trindon Jungle, Trindon, Stoneport and South Marches.

Each province has its own governor, though multiple provinces being represented by one governor is not uncommon. In turn, these Governors and the most trusted people of Kofearia form the lower council and the Coëlaur.

The Lower council

The Lower Council is the second council of Kofearia. It exists of people who own land but are not part of the Coëlaur. It also exists out of the most remarkable and trustworthy people the State of Kofearia has. The Lower Council comes in when decisions about the following topics are required: Non Aggression Pacts, Mutual Defense Pacts, war declarations, constitutional reforms. The Lower Council advises the Coëlaur in its decision making.

The Coëlaur

The Coëlaur is the highest council of Kofearia and has as duty to govern Kofearia ona national and international scale, it’s members are: the Chaurae, the Monarch and the other Coëlaur members. The Coëlaur can not exist out of more than seven members. The Coëlaur handles the day to day management of Kofearia, and is the most important council of the nation.


Three ministries exist in Kofearia; The Ministry of Warfare, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Engineering. Each Ministry is led by a Minister who, next to his Coëlaur or Lower Council duties, is responsible for a certain department of Kofearia. The Ministers are able to take certain decisions on their own, however they must at all times be able to justify their actions to the rest of the Councils. In times a suitable Minister is not present the Coëlaur shall take over all duties of this Ministry until a new Minister is appointed.

No Ministry should be in the absence of a Minister for more than three consecutive weeks. After this period the Ministry will be in shutdown till a new Minister is appointed.

Along with these ministries a new role is created; Speaker of the Council. This individual will maintain order in both councils and keep things organised. This person will also function as a guardian of the constitution.