The Kingdom of Stoneport was a faction founded on the 20th February by King Max The Great in a landlocked valley previously designated as a buffer zone between the DLR, Imperium Argentum and C.E.S.P (Now known as Kofearia). Stoneport later expanded its territory to include areas to the south of the original basin, in addition to areas in northern Kofearia.

Stoneport was for most of it's history, an absolute monarchy, advised by a collection of knights and noblemen. Following the death of King Max the first, it entered a state of being democratically governed until King Max the second stormed parliament, abolishing the democratic process and instituting a number of reforms, increasing the power of the crown over vassals.

Stoneport saw its first small glimpse of war during the war of alliances, when it sided with the Imperial League against the Old Alliance. Since then the Kingdom has fought in many other wars, either fighting alone or with nations previously in the Imperial League.

On the final day of 2017 the Kingdom of Stoneport, under great pressure from Iridium and the Imperium Argentum, merged into Kofearia, with King Max the second becoming King of Kofearia.